A Day In The Life: Duncan Gillespie – Legal Counsel For Commercial Matters

We recently launched our Day in the Life series to provide a glimpse into the unique way 360 Law Group works, how it benefits our colleagues and subsequently, our clients.

The spotlight today is on Duncan Gillespie, Legal Counsel for commercial matters.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Duncan boasts a vast portfolio of commercial expertise, having worked as a partner at a top-tier city firm for 9 years. Since coming on board as a consultant lawyer for 360 Business Law, Duncan provides his clients with strategic advice and thorough legal support in his specialist areas: EU and competition law, data protection legislation and commercial contracts. Rather than limiting himself to these subjects, Duncan’s takes a more flexible approach, keeping a-breast of key changes and the impact, they will have on client’s businesses: this way, he is able to provide an extensive service that isn’t limited to a certain scope of knowledge.


What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Due to the nature of client work, every day is different! I’ll usually always start my day before 8am, checking my email and getting on top of any urgent matters. Between 8 and 8:30, I’ll do the school run and have a bit of breakfast before settling back into my work for the day. At the moment there is quite a high volume of client work, so it certainly keeps me out of mischief! While I’m always eager to take on as much as I can, it’s great to have the ability to regulate my workflow depending on my schedule for the day.


Best thing about working for 360 Business Law?

Lifestyle aside, the best thing about working for 360 Business Law is knowing that we’re playing a significant role in shaping the future of the industry. Facing an uncertain economic future and a new wave of smart technology, client demands are shifting. Now, the extortionate fees charged by traditional firms are being called into question, as is the level of service received. In the next few years, we can expect to see the collapse of many mid-range city law firms who are still operating on the traditional model. The legal industry is ripe for change, and firms like 360 encourage a fresh alternative in the procurement of legal services.  I’m proud to be a part of this positive change.


How does 360 Business Law differ to a classic law firm?

In terms of the work itself, it’s not hugely dissimilar to working in a typical firm: it’s the unique approach and business model that really sets 360 Business Law aside from the competition. Rather than being over-charged for sub-par advice, our clients benefit from hands-on support and the expertise of their consultant. Should they have any issues, they know that they can get in touch with us directly in a medium that suits them best.  A model like 360 is the way forward for the delivery of people service – we’re reliable, affordable and practical to use.


How did you come across 360 Business Law?

I was cyber-stalked by Robert Taylor! Just kidding. We connected on LinkedIn and from there, arranged to meet up to discuss potential opportunities. I came down to Camberley to hear more about 360 and came away feeling inspired. It sounded like a good business model, one that I believed the industry needed. Naturally, I was happy to be a part of that.


How does your association with 360 Business Law help your clients?

Working as a legal consultant means I acquire my clients through 360 Business Law. By instructing 360 Business Law, these clients can guarantee a high-quality service for a fraction of the price of a traditional firm.

Since 360 Business Law only recruit senior lawyers, they don’t have to worry about the calibre of the advice provided.

As a result, they further benefit from complete transparency on costs. Since traditional firms tend to charge a high price for the advice of a junior lawyer, the reasons behind the steep costs are not always clear.

Part of our unique service is that we turn around work very quickly, too – but we never cut corners.

In the end, our clients receive a cost-effective service that is not only delivered by a well-seasoned professional, but tailored to their requirements. With that in mind, there’s no real down-side for the client! It’s cheaper, it’s better and it’s faster!


Has your network become bigger as a result?

I’m not big networker, but I can say for sure that 360 Business Law has introduced me to a vast range of clients and contacts I wouldn’t have known before – not to mention the other consultants at the firm.


Has your lifestyle changed as a result?

My lifestyle has changed for the better. For a start, I’ve cut out the commute, which for me was a good couple of hours wasted each day. As a result, I can organise my time a lot better and be far more productive.

By working as a freelance legal consultant, I’ve secured a great work-life balance which I think is important, especially if you have young children.

Working in this capacity allows me to spend time with my family and not miss out on the important moments I might have done previously: carol concerts, sports days, and just generally watching my kids grow up. No one died thinking they needed more time in the office, after all.


“I’m a great believer of working for as long as possible, and while many city firms push staff out of the door at around the age-60 mark, working for 360 Business Law will allow me to continue doing what I feel passionate about until I’m ready to retire.”


Duncan Gillespie, Legal Counsel for commercial matters, 360 Business Law