360 Law Group – An Ideal Partner to Private Equity Firms

Helping private equity to create profitable companies.

Private equity is the lifeblood of the SME market in the UK.

In 2017 revenues generated by private equity backed companies amounted to £42bn, a significant contribution to the UK economy. These private equity-owned companies are also boosting the UK labour market. Now employing 311,833 people in the UK, having grown their workforces by 8.5% in 2017.

As Jamie Austin, partner and head of private equity at BDO LLP, said:  “As Brexit negotiations finally start to take shape, it’s now more important than ever that the Government ensures these dynamic, high-growth businesses don’t fall into a policy gap and that they remain a firm part of the UK’s driving force for post-Brexit growth.”

Broadly speaking, private equity funds acquire companies with one ultimate goal in mind – to increase their value by improving their overall operations and strategic position with a view to selling their stake at a higher value and making sizeable profits in the process.

360 Law Group can help private equity funds achieve their goals by:

i) substantially decreasing legal fees, both in the acquisition and operation of companies; and

ii) ensuring that contracting risk is minimised and trade is clean, a quicker problem free exit

Our unregulated legal services company 360 Business & Private Client Law drives down legal fees in three main areas:

i)  on average, our M&A and legal due diligence fees are three (3) times less than the usual London based firms that undertake M&A work;

ii)  our renowned subscription model significantly reduces a portfolio companies’ legal costs in respect of trade, on a global basis; and

iii) litigation services provided to “members” at a heavily discounted rate through our regulated practice 360 Law Services.

360 Business & Private Client Law can help you establish trade in the UK and Europe in a cost-effective manner.

Our experienced lawyers are resident in all jurisdictions in which UK companies trade including: all countries in Europe; Australia; India; Middle East; South Africa; USA; Russia and China.

And we are the only legal services provider in the UK that provides our market leading “Subscription Legal Services” model, where companies can obtain commercial contracts and/or employment law advice and services for a single monthly fee, that is usually less than they can employ a single lawyer at in the UK, and where fees do not increase for 12 months irrespective of increases in workload.

Our Unique Technology Led Business Model Allows Us To Be:

Global Experts
More Financially Predictable