Now there is a real choice in how you instruct lawyers and how much you pay for their services.

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The Legal Services Act 2007 (the “Act”) came into force in October 2011, deregulating the industry and providing an opportunity to change the way law services are delivered. Gone are the days where businesses, private clients and consumers have no choice but to accept excessive fees and in many cases, poor service.

360 Law Group is the first,  and currently the only firm in the UK who have fully taken advantage of the Act to offer legal services on both a Regulated and an Unregulated basis – providing businesses, consumers and private clients with a real choice on how they instruct a lawyer and the fees they pay.

Clients can now take full advantage of the benefits that come with this choice, safe in the knowledge that the quality of advice provided will be of the same exceptional standard no matter how they choose to instruct us. Whether you are a business, a private client or a consumer, you can be sure that only highly qualified lawyers, each with at least 5 years’ post-qualifying experience in their area of specialisation, will work on your case. See what the SRA have to say about the changes in their FAQ’s.

However you choose to instruct us, Regulated or Unregulated, you will have full access to our elite team of lawyers, many of which have trained and worked for the top global law firms, to undertake your case. Unlike other law firms we never use trainees, paralegals or unqualified personnel to work on your case.

Under the Umberella of 360 Law Group

Providing business law services on a subscription basis to its clients in the UK and their overseas subsidiaries. Our subscription service is tailored to each client’s specific requirements and once contracted the fees remain the same for a 12 month period – irrespective of increases in workload.

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Our unregulated law practice provides businesses, private clients and consumers with access to experienced solicitors and barristers on an unregulated basis.

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360 Law Services (SRA Number: 638684) provides UK businesses, private clients and consumers with legal services across all areas of law.

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Why Was the Market Deregulated?

The last decade has seen the start of reform in the legal profession, with regulators simplifying their processes and removing barriers to market entry to make way for fresh players in the industry. The Legal Services Act 2007 saw the introduction of alternative business structures (ABS). Where previously, only qualified lawyers could own law firms, this new business model allowed non-lawyers take ownership. The Act was a result of a review of the regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales by Sir David Clementi in 2004.

The review found that, in the main, law firms significantly overcharge for their services, as regulatory control meant a lack of competition in the market. Ultimately, deregulation allowed for greater competition in the market. The Act set out only six restricted areas of law that must be practised by a regulated firm, the most significant being litigation – all other areas of law can be practised in an unregulated capacity. Regulatory reform also allowed law firms to harness innovative legal technology to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.

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How we took advantage of the Legal Services Act

360 Law Group was one of the first law firms in the UK to take full advantage of the Act. Not only did we choose to provide legal services on both a regulated and unregulated basis, but we developed a variety of innovative pricing models, including our market leading “Subscription Legal Services” where companies can obtain commercial contracts and/or employment law advice and services, in the UK and overseas for a single monthly fee, that is usually less than they can employ a single lawyer at in the UK, and where fees do not increase for 12 months irrespective of increases in workload.  

We are the only law firm in the UK to provide Subscription Legal Services on a global basis. Additionally, Subscription Legal Services Members can take advantage of our preferential “Member Rate” for all other business law services that they might require. In all cases, we provide realistically low unregulated hourly rate fees; or capped regulated fees. Our sophisticated, secure cloud-based infrastructure allows our lawyers to deliver legal services to anyone, anywhere on earth in an extremely cost effective manner, allowing us to provide you, our valued clients, with high quality legal services, provided by experienced lawyers, at a very realistic price.

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