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Our unregulated global law firm, provides hourly rate; subscription and project rate services to clients in over 70 jurisidictions and 34 United States.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the firm provides US businesses with access to over 400 experienced Solicitors, Barristers and Attorneys globally.

Our Regulated Practice, 360 Law Services (SRA Number: 638684) provides UK businesses, private clients and consumers with legal services across all areas of law.

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The Legal Profession Has Changed

The last decade has seen the start of transformation in the legal profession, with regulators simplifying their processes and removing barriers to market entry to make way for fresh players in the industry. 360 Law Group was one of the first law firms in the UK to take full advantage of the Legal Services Act 2007 (“The Act”). The Act set out only six restricted areas of law that must be practised by a regulated firm, the most significant being litigation – all other areas of law could be practised in an unregulated capacity. Regulatory reform also allowed law firms to harness innovative legal technology to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.

Not only did we choose to provide legal services on both a regulated and unregulated basis, but we developed a variety of innovative pricing models, including our market leading “Subscription Legal Services” where companies can obtain commercial contracts and/or employment law advice and services, in the UK and overseas for a single monthly fee.

This fee is usually less than they can employ a single lawyer at in the UK, and where fees do not increase for 12 months irrespective of increases in workload.  

We are the only law firm in the UK to provide Subscription Legal Services on a global basis. Additionally, Subscription Legal Services Members can take advantage of our preferential “Member Rate” for all other business law services that they might require.

In all cases, we provide realistically low unregulated hourly rate fees; or capped regulated fees.

Our sophisticated, secure cloud-based infrastructure allows our lawyers to deliver legal services to anyone, anywhere on earth in an extremely cost effective manner, allowing us to provide you, our valued clients, with high quality legal services, provided by experienced lawyers, at a very realistic price.

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