About us

A new approach to legal services.

Robert Taylor, CEO and General Counsel

Robert qualified as a barrister in 1999 and is passionate about providing quality services and advice for businesses and individuals without the demands of excessive cost of ownership.

Recognising that the Legal Services Act 2007 had made significant changes to the way lawyers could operate, along with restrictions on the ownership of law firms being lifted, Robert, along with several experienced solicitors and barristers, set about creating a business model that could provide high quality legal services at a far lower cost, allowing smaller organisations and consumers to have access to legal services without breaking the bank.

Our cloud infrastructure allows us to utilise a distributed base of highly qualified lawyers, effectively eliminating premises costs and significantly reducing administration costs, allowing us to pass on genuine savings directly to our clients.

360 Law Group is the Umbrella Organisation for our Regulated and Unregulated Law Practices:

360 Business & Private Client Law Ltd – our unregulated practice for businesses, offering highly cost-effective hourly rate legal services across all areas of business law, or subscription based solutions and business support for commercial/contract and employment law matters on a twelve month simple contract, providing true fixed price legal services. Subscription clients can also take advantage of our preferential “member” hourly rate for all other business matters in the UK.

360 Law Services Ltd (SRA Number: 638684) – is our fully regulated practice for businesses and individuals with specific requirements and the need for the additional security offered by a fully regulated practice.

The Background to 360 Law Group

Robert set up 360 Business Law in 2014 as an unregulated practice using a distributed base of lawyers, operating via a virtual network through a secure IT infrastructure.  The company grew rapidly, expanding first into the USA and Australia, and now utilising consultant lawyers throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, representing clients wherever they trade.

In 2016 the Directors of 360 Business Law decided that this highly efficient model could benefit private individuals as well as businesses, providing the same qualities and price reductions that 360 Business law had brought to the business community.  However, they decided to go one step further and offer businesses and consumers a choice on how they would like to work with lawyers.

In 2016, the Directors applied to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority for registration of 360 Law Services Ltd as an alternative business structure, allowing them to provide businesses and consumers with something that had not previously been available from a single group of companies – the ability to offer clients a choice in how they engage with lawyers: on a regulated basis or on a lower cost unregulated basis.

360 Law Group is challenging the outmoded traditional law services model without compromising on quality and skill.

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Our Mission

To be the law firm that people want to engage with. We want to change the way law is practised, offering a real choice to businesses and consumers in how they instruct lawyers, and making law accessible to everyone at a down to earth price.

To transform the law sector, breaking down cost barriers for consumers and simplifying access to law services.